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Best Ways To Maintain Your AC Unit

A lot of very expensive AC repairs tend to happen because of negligence or a lack of maintenance, usually during warmer times of the year. Not maintaining your AC unit may cause it to be very inefficient and consume more energy. So as the weather warms up, follow these tips to keep your AC unit in the best possible condition.

1. Regularly Change Your Air Filters

AC units have filters that collect and stop airborne pollutants such as pet dander, pollen, and dust. Dirty air filters disturb proper airflow, resulting in the need for higher energy consumption and AC repairs. Replace them at regular intervals recommended by the manufacturer. A good rule of thumb is that you replace it at least every 90 days.

2. Keep an Eye on the Drain Line

When operating as intended, condensation collects and exits through the drain tube. However, that tube can get clogged by algae and fungus because of excessive moisture. If this happens, your AC unit won’t work the way it needs to. In order to clean the drain line, use a wet or dry vacuum or flush it with a cleaning solution of half-bleach and half-water.

3. Clean Your AC Unit

Cleaning your cooling unit as it ages wil reduce the need of having to get it repaired. Dirt on the fins, evaporator coils and fan blades reduces airflow and puts a lot more stress on the motor, causing your unit to require more energy. Be sure to clean your AC unit and focus on removing as much debris and dust as possible.

4. Control The Heat of Your Home

Many people will set their AC at a fairly low temperature to keep their homes comfy. This is especially true during intense heat waves. However, this really isn’t efficient or sustainable. It’s likely that your energy costs will skyrocket. So along with dispelling the heat inside your home, regulate it once it is at the desired temperature.

Shut your windows so that they seal, and keep the blinds or curtains closed when it’s hotter outside of the home than inside. Consider installing fans in your home to help regulate the temperature even more.

By using these best practices, you can ensure your air conditioner runs efficiently and prevents you from needing expensive AC repairs.