Everything You Need To Know About Boxing Training As A Beginner

Boxing is one of the most trendy games known all over the world and many people have been part of boxing at what time of their lives but did not make it a career, such people are like Mohammed Ali who was once part of the mixing team but never made it his career. Even if you don’t know much about boxing or about the players who participate in boxing, you have seen several matches in movies or the news because of how famous the game is.

Since boxing is becoming popular also its training is becoming a big deal as the years go by. Many people would join the gym for boxing training just so that they can get a great body like the boxers but in a real sense, he or she doesn’t want to participate in boxing matches.  When people walk into a gym and want to go to the boxing part of the gym they think that all it needs is punching a bag and leaving, well that is not the case at all.

Before you decide that you want to train as a boxer you need to be in good condition, you need to have courage, protocol and promising strategy so that you could be able to handle any changes that occur as you train. For more information, you can visit and you can learn how much it takes to be a great boxer and the amount of strength that you need to handle hard times in training sessions.

When you decide to carry out boxing training to become a boxer, you need to start small and learn the basics of what you are required to do as a beginner in workout

How To Train Like A Boxer

  • Have The Basic Boxing Gear

Whether you are going to work out in the gym or you want to work out at home, you require the appropriate gear for training, this is important because of the heavy bags you will be hitting and the heavy metal you will be lifting and the gear protects you from hurting yourself as you workout.

As you decide on buying a punching bag for your training, consider buying ones like the power core never heavy bag or a free-standing bag such as the omniflex free standing heavy bag. Once you have it start slow and don’t hurt yourself trying to reach a level that your body cannot hold.

The first thing you need to do before you start punching the bag is that you need to wrap your hands well or you can wear punching bag gloves. The wrapping of your hands is when you lack the punching bag gloves so that they can protect you from the impact the bag will cause on your wrists.

  • Have A Proper Stance

Before you begin throwing your punch make sure your standing is comfortable and right. The best setup to use is, position your feet so that they are shoulder-width apart as one foot is in front of the other.  Your primary foot requires to be edged right ahead of your fictitious contestant.

As a right-handed player, your left foot is the one that should be consecutively forth and if you are a left-handed performer just employ the opposite technique. Your lead shoulder needs to be forwarded so that you don’t face your contestant in a straight posture.

Your hands need to be right in front of your face and think about yourself in the ring competing and you want to protect your face from being hit and always put your hands right back after tossing your punch.

  • How You Should Toss A Jab

A jab is usually tossed by your lead hand which in this case is your left hand in case you are right-handed and your right hand when you are left-handed. Though this jab is not thrown to make the opponent stumble down and fall, it’s just to confuse him or her and make them weak.

The moment you decide to hit your competitor, you are essentially extending onward with your large knuckles focused directly ahead and your palm facing down with your fist locked. One thing you should remember is that you should not put all your resilience into this punch.

When throwing your punch make sure your thumbs are away from your fingers because when you place them forward you will damage your thumbs badly and it will make you weak causing you to lose the game.


A lot of practice is required so that you can be a great boxer, just begin low and don’t force your body to do really hard exercise for professional boxers because your body will shut down before you even become a pro.

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