International cargo transport

Various factors should be considered for international cargo transportation: urgency of delivery, a type of cargo to be transported, distance between the consignor and consignee. Therefore, to make the cargo transportation process the most efficient, international logistics stipulates the use of different kinds of transport.

Land transport

Land transport accounts for the greatest share of all cargo transportations in the world. Such popularity may be explained by the advantages of land transportation:

  • Only in Great Britain, the total length of roads is estimated to be 398,000 km. In addition, the total length of roads in the world is over 65 million km. Today, there are roads in jungles and deserts, which means that cargos are delivered to almost anywhere.
  • А broad range of lorries includes vehicles for any purposes: refrigerator trucks, lowbed trucks, motor carriers, timber lorries, tank trucks, etc. It allows safe transportation of various cargos: both oil products and electronics.
  • Lorries have an impressive bearing value. For instance, one articulated lorry may house up to 24 tons of goods.
  • Only a vehicle can ensure a door-to-door delivery because it may be driven up to the warehouse or manufacturing workshop. Trains, ships and planes do not possess such capabilities.
  • Vehicles do not depend on the operating schedules of terminals, therefore the traffic is carried on around the clock. It also reduces a delivery period, for example, it may take only 8 hours to deliver a goods lot from London to Paris (the distance is about 460 km).

Sea transport

A great bearing value and the ability to go far are key advantages of transportation by sea. Generally, this is the case when goods should be delivered to island states and between the continents. Several thousand containers are placed on a cargo ship, and the carrying capacity of one 20-foot container is 22 tons.

Air transport

Air cargo transportation is considered the most expensive, but at the same time it is the fastest. That is why air communication is chosen when an express or perishable cargo is to be delivered. Besides, there are such places in the world (such as scientific research stations at the South Pole), which can be reached only by air transport.

Rail transport

Transportation by rail is relevant when high-capacity goods should be delivered over great distances (but within one continent). Therefore, cargo trains are used for transportation of special equipment, building structures, timber, petrol and other oil products, grain. The carrying capacity of one wagon of a cargo train can reach up to 200 tons.

Availability of different kinds of transport allows a transport and logistics company to arrange the routes of any complexity and deliver cargos even to inaccessible places.

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