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What are Kiss Cut Stickers?

Stickers are a great way to market and brand your business, but it’s important to know exactly which sticker style will be best for you. Each printing company offers many different options, so we are  here to provide you with a little help on whether or not kiss cut stickers are the best choice for you.

Kiss Cut Stickers

A kiss cut style sticker has a square or rectangle cut with a little additional blank space outlining the design, and only have the vinyl section with a custom cut shape. With the extra space given on the outside of the design, you can use that area for an instagram or other social media handle, a QR code, or simple text for an extra little message.

How does this differ from other stickers?

While similar in material composition, there are some key differences in the functions between kiss cut stickers and other sticker styles.

Die cut stickers are often more popular of sticker choice given their custom cuts around the design of the sticker. But kiss cut stickers with their simple shapes are often less expensive, and just as high quality as a die cut sticker. However, prices will vary depending on the printing company you go through when you order your products.

Also remember that the extra space provided on a kiss cut sticker can be used in any number of ways to help provide you with a little extra marketing. For example, if you are giving out stickers away for free, you’re able to create whatever cool or eye-catching design you want, and still have space left over for your website URL or social media handle.

Another key difference is that kiss cut stickers are generally significantly easier to peel making them very easy for people of all ages to enjoy immediately without help from anyone else.

Lastly, the added face-stock real estate can be a protective barrier, allowing for more intricate shaped stickers to be made and to stop the sticker’s edges from being bent, ripped or torn during transportation, storage, stocking, or in selling.

So What Now?

Find yourself a vendor/printer to get your awesome designs off the ground with amazing custom kiss cut stickers.