What’s My Golf Glove Size? A Complete Golf Glove Sizing Guide

The importance of a properly fitting golf glove cannot be overstated. It might seem like a minor detail, but in a sport of inches, even being a little off in glove size can cause you to be off on your game. Learn about the importance of properly fitting golf gloves and how you can use a golf glove sizing guide to get the right fit.

What a Properly Fitting Golf Glove Feels Like

A golf glove that fits correctly should feel like a second skin. With that in mind, you are on your way to getting the right glove. A good fitting glove gives you the protection and grip you need without compromising your feel for the game.

Your golf glove should never have extra material or length in the fingers. It should be snug around the palm and meat of the hand. You should also have a little extra velcro showing when your glove is secured so you can make adjustments as you play.

How to Measure Your Golf Glove Size

A golf glove sizing guide includes the key hand measurements you need to find your size. These measurements include:

  • Middle finger length, from the base of the finger to the fingertip
  • Hand length, from the base of the hand at the wrist to the tip of the middle finger
  • Hand circumference, around the first knuckles

You can use a golf glove sizing guide to determine your size with these measurements. Try a cadet size if your finger length is shorter than regular sizes with your hand width. If you fall between two sizes, try the smaller one first.

A good-fitting glove is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your golf bag. Make sure you find the right fit before you get out on the links.

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